Tigé Owners Reunions

For nine years the Owners Reunion has been a staple in the activity of Tigé Boats. We have got to know hundreds of boat owners and thousands of family and friends of owners along the way and we have loved every minute of it. This year we are blowing it wide open with an exciting new event format, new opportunities and new products all a part of the mix.

Tigé Owners Open Your Arms to New Friends

As always, the Tigé Owners lay the foundation for our event. If this is you, you know how much fun we have had in the past, and we’d love for you to again join us with your family and friends and show off your boat and have a load of fun behind it. We are kicking off with a new event in Mt Isa. Northern QLD has always been great to us, so we are exploring further than we have ever been. Feel like a road trip? Come along with us.

Dusk Till Dawn Demo Gear

Last year we introduced a huge demo range of gear to our program, which was massively popular – so we will be building that program even more this year! The 2016 gear is looking really impressive and we have already locked in Ronix, Slingshot and Flogged Donky Wakesurfers into our demo program. We will keep rallying product as the events get closer, making this the biggest demo tour in Australia for 2016.

Schools In Session

As per previous years we will be bringing along our talented pro team. This year though we are going to knuckle down, and for those who are serious about progressing themselves, we will have specific boats that are totally clinic based. We will be looking for some owners to help us with this by allowing us to run clinics out of their boat throughout the day. So if you think it would be cool to have the likes of World Champions Dean Smith or Cobe France in your boat and don’t mind having sessions of 8 students for 4 clinics throughout the day, please drop us a line – we’d love your help.

A World Class Competition

Now let’s get serious, it’s not all skittles and rainbows at the Owners Reunions. It’s also about winning and this year we are bringing back the World Championships of Figure 8 Disking. That’s right – 3 person up, last man standing figure 8 disk challenge. It’s the Chinese Downhill of tow sports. So get your disk game in order and get ready for the lunchtime smack down.

Nerd Alert!!!

For over 12 years the Grommie Nats has been a fundamental event that we have run for kids during the winter months. As a part of this, we have also run the “Trivia Pursuit of Wakeboarding”. This year our buddy Stu Wilson from Ronix came along to help out and suggested our Owners Reunions would be the perfect place to get serious about wakeboard and waterski trivia. So get your bulging brains tuned into everything wakeboarding and water skiing – we are playing for sheep stations and the title of Australia’s most intellectual.

So, as you can see there are several improvements coming this year. So if you have been to an Owners Reunion before don’t expect the same old thing. And those of you who are coming for the first time, gear up for the best weekend of the year!

Please Note – Grafton Data Changed

To ensure we could combine with all our demo products we have had to move the Grafton date till the start of the new year. For those of you have already booked accommodation you can transfer to this new date by contacting the venue. For those who can’t make the new date and will still be going on the original date, some of our team will be at Grafton. So hopefully we can spend a little one on one time with you in your boat.

As per any weekend away you will be required to be fully self-sufficient regarding food and accommodation. For specifics on your area in relation to this, as well as additional details and last year’s videos, see below.

RSVP to Your Local Dealer

Or call 1300PROWAKE today and register your boat and your family for as many reunions you can!

1 Mt Isa, Qld

NEW EVENT! | 10 October 2015 | RSVP Now

2 Clermont, Qld

Theresa Creek Dam | 17 October 2015 | RSVP Now

Accommodation: Camping on-site. $5 per tent per night. Several accommodation options in Clermont township, about 20 minutes drive from the dam.

2015/16 Video & Photos

View Photos

3 Grafton, NSW

Big River Holiday Park | 20 February 2016 | RSVP Now

Accommodation: Big River Holiday Park is you best bet for accommodation. However, there are also several accommodation options in the Grafton township, about 20 minutes drive from Big River.

Last Year’s Video & Photos

View Photos

4 Morgan, South Australia

Morgan, SA | 27 February 2016 | RSVP Now

Accommodation: Mannum Caravan Park is you best bet for accommodation. However, there are some accommodation options in the Mannum township, less than 5 minutes drive from Mannum Caravan Park.

Last Season’s Video & Photos

View Photos

5 Bonnie Doon, Victoria

Bonnie Doon | 12 March 2016 | RSVP Now

Accommodation: Peppin Point Caravan Park is you best bet for accommodation. You must get in early for this accommodation, as it fills really quickly in summer.

Last Season’s Video & Photos

View Photos

What to Expect – Highlight’s from Previous Reunions

Tigé Owners Reunions are all about having maximum fun on the water with your family, fellow Tigé Owners and the world’s best professional riders. More information can be found in this year’s invite. To check out what to expect at a Tigé Owners Reunions check out the video archive below!

General Information

All five reunions will have scheduled events planned for the Saturday, and unscheduled free riding on the Sunday. In a weekend that can be as relaxed or as full-on as you choose, you will have the chance to meet, watch in demos and be personally taught by some of the biggest and best athletes in the watersports industry, all at no cost to you.

Our Tigé Team Riders and staff will assist you with your skiing, wakeboarding, barefooting, skyskiing, wakesurfing and more. This will be a big feature of the weekend and hopefully will allow you and your family to do something new behind your boat.

We’ll play some silly games for prizes and have the latest models to demo. You will also meet many other passionate owners from all around the country, and some next-door neighbors you didn’t know you had.

Boats & Travel

Although we would love to have as many boats as possible at the event, if you live a long distance away and cannot tow your boat, we understand, and would still love you to come along anyway. We will organize you a boat to ride behind and in for the weekend.

If you are planning on flying, there are several options for local airports near all five events, which can be found below and will be provided again in future correspondence later in the season.

Catering & Accomm

As per any weekend away you will be required to be fully self sufficient regarding food and accommodation. At most events we will be heading to a pub for lunch and for the rest of the time you will need to cater for yourself. Accommodation bookings should be made as soon as possible as spaces will fill fast.