Grey ImportsWhat Are Grey Imports?

What about Grey Imports?

Grey imports not only hurt the local and international boat market, but they can potentially hurt the buyer of the grey import, especially with Tigé Boats.

Here are a few things to consider about grey imports:

  • Grey imports are explicitly not covered by Tigé factory warranties.
  • There is a high chance that a grey import (including the trailer) will not be Australian compliant. If an accident were to occur on or off the water with a non-Australian compliant boat or trailer then insurance usually won’t cover it.
  • US Tigé retailers are not legally permitted to sell and distribute boats to Australia or Australian-based customers without passing the sale through Tigé Australia.
  • Grey imports are given low priority service on any maintenance and service required.
  • The resale value on a grey import is significantly lower than the resale on a genuine Australian-compliant and authorised Tigé boat.

If you have any further questions regarding grey imports or would like to chat with one of our friendly staff about purchasing an authorised Tigé boat call Tige Boats Australia ( 55324402 ) or contact your nearest authorised dealer.