WhyWhy Choose Tigé?

Choosing a Tigé doesn’t just mean having highest quality and most versatile boat on the water – you are also joining the Australian Tigé family and all of the service and fun that comes with it.

Tigé isn’t just another boat company. Our aim is to provide every owner with a level of after-sale service that matches and exceeds the quality of the boat itself.


Tigé Quality

The manufacture quality of Tigé boats is second to none. Tigé offers the only complete hull replacement warranty in the industry, and has optional 3 year bow to stern warranty, 5 year gel coat warranty and 3 year Tigé Touch warranty.

Then there are the features: the TigéTouch interactive control panel, sculptural Alpha Z Tower and patented ConvexV Hull and TAPS2 wake technology. These are just some of the revolutionary features that make Tigé unlike anything else on the water.

Wake Versatility

Thanks to Tigé’s ConvexV Hull and TAPS2 wake technology, every Tigé boat comes with the power of unlimited versatility. With the tap of a button the wake can be sculpted to a large clean wake or to a flat wash for slalom skiers.

Tigé boats have hands down the best wakesurfing wake in the industry – and every Tigé has the ability to create a huge, long, deep-pocket surf wave on both sides of the boat. See it for yourself...

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After-Sale Service

At Tigé Australia, we pride ourselves on providing the best after-sale service in the industry. We don’t just want to sell you a boat – we want to experience your boat with you.

Our national service centres are available to ensure your boat is out on the water right throughout the year. If you have any questions about your Tigé or your wakeboard setup or what rope length is best for you, we are here to help.

Joining the Tigé Family

Further to our commitment to providing you with the best on and off water service possible, you and your friends and family will also be joining the Tigé family. This means exclusive invites to our annual Owners Reunions, VIP access to our annual professional and grassroots events, invites to our private demo days to ride with the pros and more.

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Fun, Fun, Fun!

At the end of the day, that’s what we are all here for – fun! Combine everything mentioned above – boat quality and reliability, boat versatility, after-sale service, and the Tigé family – and you get the perfect recipe for fun on the water!

Owning a Tigé means you have a world of fun at your fingertips and you won’t just be enjoying it by yourself, but with hundreds of other Tigé owners and Tigé professional team riders.